Conference on "Preservation of Azerbaijani architectural heritage"

Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Engineering has been working on the preservation of cultural heritage and plans to hold an international scientific and practical conference on "Preservation of Azerbaijani architectural heritage" in April 2022 on the theme "Renewal, development and preservation of the heritage of Garabagh and East Zangasur ". A wide range of experts involved in the conservation of architectural heritage, government agencies responsible for its preservation, as well as specialists in modern technologies used in urban construction, architects, urban planners, sociologists, cultural scholars and art historians are invited to participate in the conference.
The purpose of the conference is to define the main tasks of preserving the architectural heritage of Garabagh and East Zangasur, to develop proposals for restoration of architectural monuments and to make recommendations for improving the system of architectural and urban planning heritage protection.
The conference contains three topics.
1. the issue of restoration, conservation and use of individual monuments and architectural ensembles lost as a result of hostilities and during the occupation
This includes: restoration and conservation practices of architectural monuments and urban planning complexes, issues of adaptation and use of architectural monuments, and new technologies and methods of preserving historical monuments.
2. To study the problems of urban development of destroyed cities and settlements in the region.
Including: creation of modern cities, preservation and restoration of historical territories, the role of heritage in the sustainable development of the region and the problems of transportation and engineering communication.
3. Establishing an optimal mechanism for the management of new constructions.
Including: the issue of heritage management in the context of intensive development, the creation of legal mechanisms and the issue of attribution (ownership) of monuments and the social aspects of heritage management.
Conference venue: online + offline (Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Engineering)
Conference date: 18-20 April 2022
Participation requirements: Participants must submit to the conference organizing committee an application for participation and an abstract of no more than 2-3 pages (or 300 words) of the conference. The organizing committee reserves the right to reject abstracts that are not in line with the conference theme. The full text of the presentations will be published in a separate collection after the conference.
Working languages of the conference: Azerbaijani, Russian, English.
Participation fees: If participants wish to attend in person, all expenses within Azerbaijan will be covered by the organizers. All transportation and other expenses will be borne by the participants themselves.
Application deadline: The deadline for sending participation applications and abstracts is 02/09/22, and the deadline for submitting the final report is 03/15/22
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